Communion parties - Feriatus

Communion parties

A communion is an important event in the life of your child.\r\n

Exclusive decor

\r\nSpecial parties deserve an exclusive setting. Celebrate together with your children in a luxurious location that we can offer you. Feriatus takes care of all the organisation, from A to Z. Including transport of your guests. Organisation of an original communion party is second nature for Feriatus. Our vast experience ensures that the parents have a carefree day to enjoy the communicant together with family and friends.\r\n

A unique occasion

\r\nNaturally the focus is on the communicant, but the others present will also experience an unforgettable day. Feriatus makes the communion of your child a unique experience for all those present.\r\n

Made to measure for the communicant

\r\nFeriatus designs a stylish communion party to suit the interests and hobbies of the child. Exclusivity is our trademark: we design the entire event around a theme that appeals to the communicant. In this way all the guests can enjoy this happy day.