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Company events

Every manager knows not to underestimate just how important corporate events can be for the image of a company! A company manager with vision does not make an unconsidered decision if he wants something special to maximise the result of an anniversary celebration, product launch, customer or network event. These matters are right up Feriatus’ alley. Event planner and designer Feriatus has a wealth of experience, having organised many exclusive and unique corporate events for various companies. For each location, we conjure up creative and spectacular themes and decorations to ensure a perfect party environment, a setting where all the guests will immediately feel like a fish in water. Feriatus ensures that you will have plenty of time to relax and socialise with colleagues, business partners and other public figures.

Looking to have a spectacular corporate event in foreign location like a villa in the South of France? An international conference? An exclusive meeting between top management? Or a small scale select event, an exclusive breakfast session, a stylish party among executives? For each event Feriatus comes up with a unique concept as befits the occasion. Feriatus strives for quality and ensures your exclusive business event runs smoothly. We elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. While you focus on the issues that matter and the people around you, Feriatus focuses 100% on all the components that contribute to the success of the event. We invent and organize to perfection complete business events imbued with the right accents, atmosphere and setting.