Chapitooh - Feriatus
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With justifiable pride, Feriatus trains the spotlight on its newest and exceptional concept. What could be better than a celebration in your own garden or an outdoor location? The beautiful wooden marquee structure designed by Vittorio Simoni is a versatile architectural gem and can be adapted to suit anyone’s taste.

“I wanted to create a neutral, mobile party venue, where spaciousness is paramount. The windows can be opened completely in good weather. It is really eye-catching. Stylish, yet subtle, “says Nadine Winten, party designer and owner of Feriatus.

The modular structure was conceived after an intensive collaboration with leading architect Vittorio Simoni. Simoni is a world famous architect and interior designer whose creations include, among others, the celebrated ‘t Zilte restaurant on top of the MAS in Antwerp. He is also a television personality and the father of Matteo Simoni. Once again, he has created a true gem in this well designed marquee structure, which serves perfectly as a moveable and versatile party venue.

The wooden marquee frame is adjustable and can be set re-sized to suit your party perfectly. The standard sizes are fifteen by ten meters and fifteen by fifteen meters. If necessary, they can also be increased.

Feriatus can arrange to have the interior personalised and fully furnished according to your taste and event.