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About Nadine

Wedding planner & party designer Nadine Winten has earned her place as the go-to person in the world of exclusive party events and dream weddings. In this highly competitive industry, her ambition, creativity and professionalism has become the gold standard. Nadine Winten possesses an innate understanding and sensibility that allows her to create the perfect atmosphere and look for any kind of celebration. There is no difficulty or challenge that we cannot surmount…we will cater to all your personal and special requests.

With passion, creativity and skills, Nadine Winten designs one unique party concept after another. Taking into account the wishes of the client, she brings to life astoundingly majestic and magical events of all kinds. A dream wedding in Tuscany, a hobnob between business leaders in Monaco, a lovely first communion with exclusive performances which invited both the communicant and the guests to dream… Like no one else, she possesses the rare skills and unique talent to determine exactly what needs to be done in order to add that little extra magic to make an event truly special and unforgettable.

With her unique ideas, insights and creative concepts, she manages with every event to raise the bar even higher both for herself and for others who have tried to emulate her successes. It is no accident that in international circles the owner of Feriatus is regarded as “the most luxurious wedding planner and event designer”. A title that she more than deserves!